Torque Tools, Torque Testers

  • PRECISE: Lower measurement uncertainty guarantees consistently accurate and repeatable measurements.
  • EFFICIENT: Easy-to-read displays and automatic changeover to angle measurement mode after the snug torque is reached ensures efficient working.
  • SAFE: The addition of the angle of rotation improves consistency and makes the bolted joint even safer.
  • CONTROLLED: All torque/angle results can be documented using Sensomaster software; set fastener parameters, fastener sequences and download the results. For example, tool serial number, date and time of the tightening process, target torque and target angle of rotation as well as actual achieved torques and angles and whether the result is OK or Not OK, according to the defined tolerances.
  • ECONOMICAL: Thanks to particularly wide measuring ranges and versatility, each wrench can replace up to four mechanical wrenches (two indicating and two clicking), thus reducing ongoing maintenance, adjustment, and calibration costs. All models are capable of right-hand and left-hand measurements.