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STAHLWILLE Tidiness at first sight

The TTS93 tool trolley is the new entry-level model in the series and features excellent functionality, is well equipped and has an attractive design.

A lot of valuable time is lost in daily practice just looking for the right tool. If, on the other hand, everything is quickly to hand and tidily arranged, this makes a significant contribution to improved productivity. The new TTS93 tool trolley from Stahlwille enables tools to be stored neatly, has an attractive design and the tools included leave nothing to be desired, even for demanding users.

The robust construction ensures a long service life of the tool trolley, even when it is subjected to tough everyday operational conditions and on mobile assignments. The worktop is made of durable ABS material and has a raised edge to prevent small parts from rolling off. Three storage compartments each to the left and right of the worktop offer clear sorting options and quick access to materials as they are needed during work.

The six ball-bearing mounted drawers in the TTS93 run smoothly and can be fully extended. Four of the drawers are 75 mm high, the two lower ones have heights of 155 mm and 205 mm respectively and can also accommodate larger tools and bulky accessories. In conjunction with tool inlays and the variable drawer dividers, tools can be ideally arranged to suit immediate needs and ensure convenient removal and storage.


Multi-stage safety concept

The tool trolley has central locking with a key that can be folded to the side. The lock is located to the top right of the drawers, so that the key does not interfere with the operation of the drawers. The wrap-around plastic bumper provides impact protection while effectively preventing damage and scratches to sensitive surfaces and even injuries when manoeuvring or if the trolley accidentally gets stuck. Protection against the trolley toppling is ensured by the fact that only one drawer can be opened at a time.

The sturdy metal trolley construction means it can support loads of up to 500 kg. The bottom drawer has a load capacity of 45 kg. There is space for hooks in the perforated side walls of the trolley. The working height of 1000 mm enables strain-free working in an upright posture. The four rubber-tyred light-weight wheels with a diameter of 125 mm are resistant to oil and acid and are equipped with carpet protection to prevent blockages due to the ingress of dirt and fibres. Two of the wheels have parking brakes that guarantee the trolley will stay put. The sturdy handles at both ends can be firmly grasped even with dirty hands or gloves.


Equipment variants for every need

The TTS93 tool trolley is offered by Stahlwille both empty and with a choice of three different tool compilations for industry, the trades and automotive. The versions with 111- and 135-piece tool sets are intended to provide an initial set of equipment, while the tool set with 168 items leaves nothing to be desired. Depending on the version selected, the equipment includes sockets, ratcheting bit-holders with sets of bits, screwdrivers, pliers and cutters through to fine-tooth ratchets. The 168-piece tool set also includes the MANOSKOP 721QR Quick, a clicking torque wrench with a permanently installed ratchet and QuickRelease safety lock for a measuring range from 40 to 200 Nm.

The tools are stored in two, three or four drawers and inlays with the Tool Control System (TCS) are supplied for this purpose. These bi-coloured, sculpted inlays allow users to see at a glance whether all the tools are in their allotted places or whether something is missing.


More information: www.stahlwille.de


Tool Trolley TTS93 – trim levels and prices (RRP)


Trim level


93/6 A

Tool Trolley, empty

EUR 444.00


Tool Trolley, incl. 111-pce. set of premium tools

EUR 699.00


Tool Trolley, incl. 135-pce. set of premium tools

EUR 888.00


Tool Trolley, incl. 168-pce. set of premium tools and torque wrench MANOSKOP® 721QR/20 Quick

EUR 1679.00


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