21.02.2020 | Category : Press

Torque tightening essential when changing wheels

A crucial prerequisite for safe, trouble-free wheel changes is having the right tools

Twice a year, car owners change their wheels: summer and winter tyres need swapping. If you do not use all-season tyres, you will have to take your vehicle to the workshop or do it yourself. In addition to a four-way wheel brace and jack, a torque wrench is a must for DIY wheel changes. The wheel bolts have to be tightened exactly to a predefined torque. This differs from one vehicle type to the next and is prescribed by the manufacturer.

When purchasing a torque wrench it makes sense to pay close attention to quality. Consumers are on the safe side if the manufacturer guarantees the triggering accuracy and, preferably, also confirms it by including a calibration certificate. After all, even trained mechanics can hardly tell whether a torque wrench is working accurately or not. Wheel nuts that are not tightened firmly enough and come loose can cause serious accidents. On the other hand, if they are overtightened, there is a risk of cracks forming or the threads on the wheel hub being stripped. That will involve replacement of the parts with correspondingly high costs.


Torque wrenches with added safety

Wheel-fitting set 721QR/20/2/1 Quick made by STAHLWILLE, the tools specialist, is the ideal choice for this task. In addition to the torque wrench, this set also contains two sockets for sizes 17 mm and 19 mm that are commonly used for wheel bolts. The torque tool itself has a special feature – it does not have the usual mechanism consisting of a spiral spring. Instead, its trigger principle is based on a flexible rod. This means it is not necessary to reset the wrench to zero during breaks or for storage. While in other models the spring will show signs of fatigue when it is under permanent tension and the tool becomes inaccurate, Stahlwille's torque wrench stays within the tolerance limits.

The required torque is set with an easy to operate clamping lever in the handle. A built-in magnifying glass facilitates read-off. The QuickRelease security mechanism provides additional security, by locking the sockets in place on the mount and only releasing them again when the button is pressed.

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