08.10.2018 | Category : Press

STAHLWILLE has torque solutions for all bolted joints

Wuppertal, 08.10.2018

The importance of the controlled tightening of fasteners in production and assembly tasks is increasing dramatically. For this reason, STAHLWILLE, the tools and torque specialist from Germany, is demonstrating its current range of mechanical, electronic and electromechanical torque wrenches at MOTEK, the international trade fair for automation in production and assembly. The company's tool range provides tools for every application that blend peak accuracy, efficiency and safety in one tool.

To an increasing extent, production and assembly tasks require bolted connections to be completed to the specified tightening torque quickly and absolutely safely. Depending on the requirements of a specific operation, users will prefer mechanical, electronic or electromechanical torque wrenches. A point worth noting is that STAHLWILLE is equally well placed to provide all these solutions.

Simply more efficient: the MANOSKOP® 730 Quick mechanical torque wrench

At MOTEK, this traditional manufacturer will be demonstrating its MANOSKOP® 730 Quick mechanical torque wrench, which has a virtually wear-free flexible rod measuring system. The benefit for users is that the often time-consuming reset-to-zero action that is necessary to relieve the spring is no longer required. The target torque is set using the twin scales (N·m/ft·lb and N·m/in·lb) by means of a slide with a convenient thumb recess and a magnifier to facilitate accurate read-off. In addition, the sliding scale locking lever integrated in the handle is particularly easy to access.

The MANOSKOP® 730 Quick offers a measuring range from 4 to 650 N·m and can be combined with three tool mounts (9 x 12 mm, 14 x 18 mm and 22 x 28 mm). The guaranteed maximum accuracy deviation is +/- 4%.

Uncompromisingly accurate. Electronic torque wrench SENSOTORK® 713R

In addition, STAHLWILLE has the SENSOTORK® 713R on the stand – an electronic torque wrench for clockwise and anticlockwise tightening with a display deviation of only +/- 1%. The outstanding features include a backlit LCD display that evaluates the fastener tightening action using traffic light logic. The tool can be programmed intuitively by hand or from a PC. This makes defining complex tightening sequences and logging child's play. The SENSOTORK® 713R stores every tightening operation with a date & time stamp. Insert tools for 9 x 12 mm and 14 x 18 mm drives are available for use with the tool.

The best of both worlds: the electromechanical MANOSKOP® 714 torque wrench

Electromechanical torque wrenches from STAHLWILLE combine the uncompromising accuracy of an electronic torque tool with the comforting tactile feedback of a mechanical trigger mechanism. The MANOSKOP® 714, for example, which was honoured with the IF Design Award, evaluates the current fastener visually and acoustically, and the target torque is clearly indicated by a tactile and audible signal. The display deviation is just +/-2%.

The indicating and clicking angle-controlled torque wrench offers four measuring modes (torque, tightening angle, torque with angle and angle with torque), and three function modes (clicking, peak hold and track), and has been equipped by STAHLWILLE with a high-resolution, coloured OLED display and additional signal lamps on the side as well as a freely configurable menu structure. As many as 2,500 tightening operations can be stored and transferred to the PC via USB.

Find out more about these and other products at the STAHLWILLE stand at MOTEK: Hall 5, Stand 5428.