10.11.2020 | Category : Press

STAHLWILLE expands its range of combined open-jaw & ring ratchet spanners

When good simply gets better. Stahlwille expands its range of combined open-jaw & ring ratchet spanners No 17 by three sizes and by 15 sizes of flat versions from 8 to 24 millimetres. 

Stahlwille has extended its range in a key handtool segment: the No 17 combined open-jaw & ring ratchet spanners have been supplemented with the flat version 17F in 15 spanner sizes from 8 to 24 mm – with crucial benefits in terms of ergonomics and handling. The version with the offset ratchet head is now also available in sizes 21, 22 and 24 mm. This means that the right spanner size is now available for every fastener. This is a real and practical advantage for customers, as they now have a complete range of these products from a single source and at a consistently high standard of quality.

The combination of open-jaw spanner and ratchet wrench in one tool has proved to be very convenient for many jobs. If the working space is too restricted for the open-jaw spanner, the integrated ratchet with 72 teeth can be used with a ratchet angle of only 5 degrees. For a quick change from tightening to loosening, the ratchet on the No 17 tools with the offset head does not need to be repositioned – all the user has to do is flip the switch. The flat, non-offset version No 17F improves handling in awkward spaces where every millimetre counts.

Thanks to the non-slip finish and slim design, all these spanners fit snugly in the hand, even when used for long periods of time and when higher forces are applied. What distinguishes Stahlwille tools are the particularly close manufacturing tolerances with reproducible dimensional accuracy. The jaws and rings always fit perfectly on the heads of fasteners. Professional users are well aware of what it means when spanners slip off the fastener head or cannot get a grip on worn or oil-smeared fasteners.

A distinctive feature of these spanners is the thumb groove along the spanner handle. Similar to the principle of an H-beam, high load-bearing capacity and maximum flexural strength are achieved with lower weight. The spanners are reinforced where the forces applied are greatest – between the shank and the ratchet or jaw – which makes them that much more robust. The risk of breakage is reduced.

Both spanner versions – offset and flat – are available from Stahlwille in 15 sizes from 8 to 24 mm. They are available individually or in convenient compilations of five or twelve tools in space-saving roll-up wallets and will soon also be available in TCS inlays.