25.09.2018 | Category : Press

Reliable tool solutions from STAHLWILLE – for greater efficiency and improved safety

Wuppertal, 25.09.2018

STAHLWILLE, one of the leading tool specialists for the wind energy sector, is presenting visitors to WindEnergy Hamburg with a wide range of handtools tailored precisely to the needs of service companies. Among the highlights at the stand will be the MANOSKOP® 730N, specially developed for the industry, and a new generation of fine-tooth ratchets.

The maintenance of wind turbines requires tools that cover a wide range of applications and enable efficient and fast working in confined spaces. At the same time, the tools must be absolutely accurate, extremely robust and reliable. Solutions that meet this requirement profile can be discovered at the STAHLWILLE stand at WindEnergy Hamburg.


MANOSKOP® 730N for efficient work

The MANOSKOP® 730N was developed in cooperation with one of the world's leading manufacturers of wind turbines. The mechanical torque wrench can be combined with three tool holders (9 x 12 mm, 14 x 18 mm and 22 x 28 mm), which means it covers a wide torque range from 4 to 1000 N·m - with a display deviation of only +/- 3%. At the same time, it is particularly robust and promotes extremely efficient work. Due to its flexible rod technology, the trigger mechanism is virtually wear-free and there is no need to reset it to "0" to relieve the spring. The trigger torque can be adjusted quickly and with just one hand thanks to the QuickSelect mechanism. Readings are displayed on a twin scale (N·m and ft·lb). Once the target torque has been reached, the MANOSKOP® 730N triggers with a clearly audible and perceptible dual stop signal. Continued load on the wrench after the tool has tripped, or applying load the wrong way, has no effect on the trigger mechanism, so it is protected against damage. To switch from clockwise to anticlockwise operation, the wrench and the insert tool are simply turned over. Last but not least, if it is found that the MANOSKOP® 730N is outside its tolerance range, it can be brought back into line by means of two easily accessible adjustment points. The tried-and-tested QuickRelease system from STAHLWILLE also ensures that all insert tools, extensions and shell tools are reliably locked through to the bolting point and cannot get lost.


MANOSKOP®721 Nf/100 – mechanical torque wrench with integrated ratchet for universal use

The MANOSKOP® 721 Nf/100 with its fixed ratchet and 3/4" drive is a genuine all-rounder. The clicking mechanical torque wrench consists of a robust tubular steel core in an aluminium profile, is particularly resilient, guarantees a long service life and comparatively low weight. The target torque can be conveniently set between 200 N·m and 1000 N·m using a dual scale (N·m and ft·lb). As with the MANOSKOP® 730N, a clearly audible and tactile dual stop signal confirms that the target torque has been reached. For anticlockwise tightening, the square drive is simply inserted from the other side, and display deviation is a mere +/- 4%. The MANOSKOP® 721 Nf/100 also lends itself to readjustment by the user in just a few simple steps.


Fine-tooth ratchets: the ideal companion in confined working spaces

A further highlight on the STAHLWILLE stand at WindEnergy in Hamburg is the steadily growing family of fine-tooth ratchets with 80 teeth and a ratchet angle of 4.5°. The family includes both steel-handled fine-tooth ratchets and those with 2-component grips, both of which are perfectly designed for use in confined working spaces. In addition to these, there is a new range – recently launched – of fine-tooth flexible-joint ratchets. These can be swivelled through a total of 90° with intermediate locking positions (straight, 30° up, 60° up, 30° down), which makes them ideal for round-the-corner fastener tightening. These tools are available with 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" drives. The quality of the mechanical components guarantees smooth action and maximum load capacity.


SmartCheck: a quick check before the ascent

STAHLWILLE also has the iF Design Award winning torque tester SmartCheck on display. It is compact and portable and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The tool does not require additional transducers any more than it needs a power socket, because it is perfectly happy drawing its energy from standard batteries. The measuring technology inside the device, which can be operated intuitively via a display, is considered to be one of the most precise on the market. No wonder that a leading wind turbine operator is already using this solution in its service vehicles. With the help of this tester, the employee can quickly check whether his torque wrenches are still working within the specified tolerances before ascending to the wind turbine.