24.07.2019 | Category : Tool Experts

On top of the world. Baumbaron relies on STAHLWILLE.

Meet the STAHLWILLE Tool Experts – Episode 2

The familiar fragrance of woodland and nature, the sound of rustling leaves, and the sun streaming through the treetops – what for many is a relaxing walk at the weekend is the daily working environment for Johannes Schelle. STAHLWILLE Tool Experts takes an inquisitive look over the shoulder of the "tree baron", who has been building tree houses professionally with his team for over 12 years.

This year alone, the company, based in Waakirchen in Bavaria, has built nine tree houses – from a simple playhouse to a fully insulated residence including electricity and water supplies. Even tree house hotels are included on their list of testimonials.

And one item is with them always: a set of tools from STAHLWILLE. Heavy machines and cranes or similar aids are of no use to master carpenter Johannes Schelle. There would be far too great a danger of damaging the tree. In order to secure the solidly built tree houses weighing up to five tonnes securely in the tree, either collars are fitted around the tree or treehouse attachment bolts are used. These especially large bolts with a diameter of 3 cm have to be screwed into the tree by hand.

This is a job that requires tremendous power – and the right, highly resilient tools to make it possible. In the STAHLWILLE 1" switch-over ratchet 882 and the matching handle 888, the "tree baron" has found exactly the right tool. “Ever since we first worked with tools from STAHLWILLE, we felt right from the start that these are tools you can rely on completely,” says Johannes Schelle.

But safety also plays a key role. "For us it is extremely important, especially when we are climbing around high up in the trees, that tools can never break or fall." The robust construction of the 882 ratchet and the STAHLWILLE QuickRelease safety system fulfil all these requirements. The locking mechanism with the well-known green button secures the tool in every situation and position – ideal for working at height in the tree.

Have a look up into the treetops yourself and experience what is probably one of most beautiful workplaces in the world – with STAHLWILLE Tool Experts from Baumbaron.