31.10.2019 | Category : Company

Making your own Halloween pumpkins?

Let our trainees and apprentices show you!

Today, the USA are celebrating Halloween. But here in Germany there are also many fans - like for example our apprentices and trainees. They are already full of anticipation and need a genuine, carved pumpkin to get them in the right creepy mood. So what do we need? That's exactly what we're going to show you here:


Step 1: Choose the right pumpkin

There are many different pumpkin varieties. For our Halloween face, we have chosen a decorative pumpkin of the "Ghost Rider" variety. Ideally, our pumpkin should have a size of approx. 25 cm in diameter and be able to stand firmly on flat ground.


Step 2: Suitable tools

Suitable tools include sharp knives, hammers, chisels and a scraper. In our case, we are using our flat chisel, pin punch, hammer, scraper and saw for the rough work. For the finer tasks, we will then use our safety knife, fine scraper and the hooks and picks set. Please make sure that young children are not allowed to carve the face themselves because of the risk of injury. Fortunately, our apprentices and trainees are well versed and also wear protective gloves. In addition, we have got a spoon, a felt-tip pen and night lights ready.


Step 3: Carving the pumpkin face

  • The first thing we do is cut a lid from the pumpkin. For this, we use the chisel and scraper and aim them downwards at an angle so the lid doesn't just fall inside later. We'll use the stem as a practical handle for opening and closing the pumpkin.
  • In the next step, we hollow out the pumpkin with the spoon, but ensuring that the thickness of the pumpkin wall is still a good two to three centimetres. This gives the pumpkin the necessary stability.
  • Then we can let our creativity run free and draw various faces with a felt-tip pen. To make it easier for us to carve later, we trace the lines with our scriber.
  • Now we can really get going and carve the features of the face with our safety knife.


Step 4: Let there be light!

All we need now is a night light inside the pumpkin to produce the right effect. This is what makes the Halloween face really light up. And that's about it, really. We hope you have a spooky Halloween party and lots of fun making your pumpkin face.