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A company like STAHLWILLE, with its traditional roots firmly anchored in home soil but with a generously international approach, will always have plenty of news to tell. This page provides large amounts of up-to-date information about both the enterprise and the brand.

Made in Germany since 1862

Long before "Made in Germany" was used as a quarantee of quality, Eduard Wille recognised that the highest achievable standard of quality was the key to food development and production. At the company's lovation in Wuppertal-Cronenberm he set uo one of the most modern tool forges in Europe. The products made by him and his team soon earned them an excellent reputation.

Success is achieved by people

Right from the outset, STAHLWILLE has been a responsible employer - the founder himself understood that even the best product ist valueless if the employees are not fully committed to their task. Since then, right up to today, the stass at STAHLWILLE - of whom there are now more than 600 - have shared the same passion for excellence in the production of handtools.

Uncompromisingly true to our geographical roots

As one of the very few enterprises in the handtool business, STAHLWILLE is committed to Germany as a manufacturing location. We believe that it is only here that we can guarantee adherence to our ambitious quality target: every single product hast to exceed the requirements laid down in the standards. STAHLWILLE develops and produces its tools using state-of-the-art processes at three locations in Germany.

Sales and distribution - serving the world

Fifty-five percent of the tools we produce at STAHLWILLE are exported to over 90 countries. The company supplies a close network of distributors and has its own sales depots in the USA and China.

Prize-winning technology

STAHLWILLE's dedication to quality is reflected in several awards - one is the conveted "iF Design Award" in the industrial design category. STAHLWILLE has been awarded that prize four times: in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2017. In 2015, the company was also nominated for the "German Design Award"

STAHLWILLE at local level

We would like to help shape society in a positive way and, as a family-owned company that is loyal to its location, like to support local projects. The promotion and support of children and young people, in particular, is close to our hearts, which is why we want to introduce two great school projects in our direct neighbourhood to you today:...

10k followers on Facebook

Ein weiterer Schritt ist geschafft. Mit unserem Social Media Auftritt auf Facebook haben wir nun die Grenze von 10.000 Followern geknackt. Das freut uns sehr, da wir kontinuierlich daran arbeiten, unsere Community zu erweitern. Wir sagen Danke an die besten und treuesten Facebook-Fans fürs fleißige Kommentieren, Liken, Teilen und Folgen. Als...

We are one of the best vocational training businesses in Germany

As was already published some time ago on the employer rating platform kunununu, STAHLWILLE has now been officially confirmed as a "leading training company" by the Capital business magazine. This business magazine ran a survey to identify "Germany's best training businesses". The study was based on a survey of over 600 companies. This year's...

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