21.07.2020 | Category : Products , Campaigns

Working on live sockets and other components?

4798 VDE set of reversible screwdrivers

When work has to be carried out on live components, safety is paramount. That applies whether maintenance work is due on transformers in a power station, on high-voltage batteries in an electric motor vehicle or the power supply in a family home. It is precisely for these situations that there are VDE-tested tools designed to withstand very specific conditions:

  • Every single screwdriver blade is tested at 10,000 volts and is therefore safe for work in situations with up to 1000 volts.
  • All blades are certified to DIN EN IEC 609000.

To make work not only safe but also as flexible and convenient as possible, STAHLWILLE's range includes the 4798 VDE set of reversible screwdrivers.

Neatly arranged and compactly stored in the case, the set includes an ergonomic 2-component screwdriver grip and twelve reversible blades (slotted, PH, PZ and Torx) – so professionals will always have the right drive at their fingertips. The specially designed attachable spin head coupled with the soft grip zone make the screwdriver into a precision tool. The STAHLWILLE VDE set is currently available at the "Tool of the Month" price at a preferential rate (RRP approx. € 57 incl. 16% VAT).

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