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TORSIOTRONIC – with unerring accuracy

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Bolted joints with defined torques and subsequent logging are playing an increasingly important role in manufacturing processes as well as in service and maintenance. Stahlwille offers a practical alternative to large torque wrenches for tightening fasteners where only low tightening torques are required or where there is not enough space for larger tools:

the Torsiotronic is an electromechanical torque screwdriver for work where the highest precision is paramount. The tool combines the accuracy of a precise, electronic measurement with the familiar "click" of a mechanical tool: the patented technology triggers with a tactile and audible signal when the target torque is reached.

There are many areas of application for this torque screwdriver – when working on installation technology in industry and, in particular, in the aviation and automotive sectors. Users benefit from higher process dependability and work accuracy. The possibility of electronic documentation of the bolting extends the range of applications and makes it easier for users to provide proof of quality and, if the worst comes to the worst, to troubleshoot during maintenance and repairs.

Up to 2500 fastener-tightening operations can be stored on the device which also records the time and date. These can be read out thanks to a micro-USB port and processed directly in the free downloadable software Sensomaster 4. This saves valuable working time and improves efficiency. Thanks to self-explanatory controls and equally simple menu navigation, the effort required to learn how to use the tools can be reduced to a minimum.

The Torsiotronic can be operated intuitively to a large extent. Only four keys are needed to set all the parameters for a fastener-tightening operation. The OLED colour display is very clear and provides excellent readability from almost any angle and even in sunlight. The ergonomically designed convex handle promotes strain-free working. The grip material is resistant to oils, grease, fuels and brake fluids.

And the best: for the first time, the TORSIOTRONIC is now available as a set with a variety of socket, INHEX and screwdriver bits at an EXTRA price!

Promotion period: August 2021

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