06.04.2022 | Category : On-Demand Webinar

TORKMASTER 5.2 – What's new?

On-demand webinar

In the webinar "TORKMASTER 5.2 - What's new?", our speaker, Frederic Fitzner, will give you a concise overview of the new features of TORKMASTER 5.2, such as the new filter function and how to make adjustments for CSV exports. Find out how to adjust the order in which MUs are determined as needed and how to enable an interface to a CAQ system.

The new features are demonstrated live in the software interface, so that you as a customer already using TORKMASTER 5.X can see at a glance what changes there are in the new release.

The webinar has already been held and is available on-demand.

You can request access to the recording here free of charge: simply fill in the form and submit it.