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Tool Trolleys: your best friends on four wheels

Five hints when buying

Tool trolleys are a fine thing. They make you more mobile, offer additional storage space and allow you to stay organised. Last but not least, they guarantee safe storage of your tools. At least, if the quality of the tool trolley is right. To avoid any nasty surprises when you buy a tool trolley, here are some useful hints on what to look out for. 


Tip 1: Not all wheels are created equal

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The wheel diameter should be at least 12.5 cm. Rubberised wheels are advantageous because the rubber reduces vibrations, protects the trolley and tools and ensures smooth running and keep noise to a minimum. Make sure that the wheels are robust, oil and acid resistant. A thread guard is also recommended, it prevents threads and dirt from adhering to the edges of the wheels. Parking brakes are indispensable to ensure that the trolley stands firm and cannot wander. You should make sure that the trolley has at least two brakes.


Tip 2: A perfect body carries a fair weight

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Rounded corners on the main body have proved beneficial. The rounded edges make the basic construction of your workshop trolley particularly torsion-resistant, safe and durable. It makes sense to avoid tool trolleys with a wall thickness of less than 1 mm of steel sheeting altogether. However, as the material thickness is often not specified, you should aim for a minimum trolley weight of 55 kilograms. In addition, if you have a choice, go for a powder-coated textured tool trolley rather than a smooth lacquered model. This is because the powder coating is baked on, which makes it much more robust and less susceptible to scratches. Your tool trolley should also have all-round impact protection that protects the trolley itself as well as objects and people with which it may come into contact.


Tip 3: Get a grip on it

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The handles of a perfect tool trolley should offer a good grip and be sturdy – because things can get a bit rough in everyday work environments. Make sure the handles are firmly attached. If you ever need to lift the trolley over an obstacle or step, the handle must support a considerable weight. Another significant point is that the handles should be large enough to allow them to be gripped with gloves.


Tip 4: Drawers are more than just a storage space

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Of course, there should be enough drawers offering sufficient storage space, even for larger tools, for example if you want to store a cordless screwdriver, but, apart from that, you should consider some safety features. A safety device that only allows one drawer at a time to be opened prevents the trolley from toppling over. Motion protection – usually in the form of a gravity or lever locking device – ensures that drawers cannot open unintentionally while the trolley is in motion. To make sure convenience does not suffers as a result of increased safety – full-extension drawers with ball bearings have a clear advantage. The drawer should be 100% extendible so that you always have a clear view of the entire contents.


Tip 5: Worktop

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The worktop must be durable and provide sufficient space. If you are thinking of opting for a plastic worktop, ABS is recommended as it is resistant to most chemicals used in the workshop. If you tend more towards stainless steel, make sure the seams are clean and welded so as to be waterproof – this is the only way to guarantee that no liquids can penetrate the trolley.


If you take these five tips to heart, nothing can go wrong when you buy a tool trolley – and you'll always have a reliable, everyday partner on four wheels at your side.