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STAHLWILLE's wire-twisting pliers

Giving safety that extra twist.

STAHLWILLE has not only improved its wire-twisting pliers for quick and easy locking of bolted joints, but has practically reinvented the tool. The twisted safety locking wire protects against unintentional loosening. Safety devices of this kind are mainly used in the aviation industry, but can also be encountered in the construction of wind turbines and other critical bolted connections. The STAHLWILLE wire-twisting pliers are remarkably easy to use thanks to their ergonomic and well thought-out design. Safety locking wires are attached both accurately and efficiently – providing a highly effective method of preventing foreign object damage (FOD).



STAHLWILLE's wire-twisting pliers are made exclusively of metal components. Their accurately machined, induction-hardened cutters will not fracture even if the tool falls on the floor inadvertently. The handles are arrested by a durable leaf spring rather than a highly susceptible coil spring. These pliers enable fast, efficient, safe working because they are made with a thicker-gauge shank than many others and can be gripped more securely.

STAHLWILLE wire-twisting pliers grip the wire reliably without damaging it and with no loss of crimp strength. The lockable twist function allows both clockwise and anticlockwise twisting of the locking wire. The head has a special wire gripping pattern that prevents the wire being bent and thus simplifies threading.

STAHLWILLE offers the wire-twisting pliers in two sizes, 230 and 280 millimetres long.



The key advantages:

  • Made exclusively of metal – no plastics or silicone materials.
  • With induction-hardened cutters, ensuring resistance to fracture even under the toughest loads.
  • Durable leaf spring instead of a conventional coil spring – for longer service lives.
  • More efficient working thanks to automatic crimping of the wire ends.

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