06.03.2016 | Category : Press

STAHLWILLE launches its new SENSOTORK® 701


Wuppertal, 6 March 2016
At the “International Hardware Fair 2016” in Cologne, STAHLWILLE, a leading global manufacturer of high-quality tightening tools, innovative torquing technology and individual tool system solutions, will be presenting a new electronic torque wrench: SENSOTORK® 701. This compact tool enables safe application of particularly low torques in confined spaces. Operation is intuitively simple and uses single-button control.

Requirements for professional fastener tightening are continually increasing. End users are having to work more frequently in confined spaces while, at the same time adhering closely to extremely low torques and documenting them for subsequent audits – tightening fasteners in carbon and aluminium components, for example.

STAHLWILLE's SENSOTORK® 701, made by the German torquing tool specialist, is designed exactly for this combination of circumstances. This electronic torque wrench is particularly compact, slim and light. Not only that, it is equipped with a permanently installed fine-tooth ratchet for clockwise and anticlockwise use, whose 80 teeth generate a particularly small ratchet angle of only 4.5°, making accurate work possible in even very confined spaces. The easy-to-read display of the SENSOTORK® 701 shows torques in the range from 1 to 20 N‧m to an accuracy of only +/- 4%.

The design of this torque wrench guarantees strain-free, ergonomic working and provides both visible and tactile feedback to the user on the optimum grip. Measurement itself is independent of the point of application of force, which effectively prevents incorrect handling and erroneous readings. As an additional feature, the torque wrench is equipped with the STAHLWILLE QuickRelease system. This locks the tool bit reliably to the tool, which means it cannot become inadvertently detached during work – a decisive characteristic, in particular in safety-relevant jobs.

The SENSOTORK® 701 is operated easily using the intuitive single-button system. There are three operating modes available. In the track mode, the SENSOTORK® 701 shows the currently measured value. The peak hold mode indicates the highest measured value.

In the user mode it is possible to take advantage of numerous additional functions in connection with the STAHLWILLE PC software SENSOMASTER 4, that can be downloaded free-of-charge. With the software, it is possible to define fasteners in advance. The LEDs integrated in the SENSOTORK® 701 indicate to the user, with the aid of traffic-light colours, whether the tightening operation is within the tolerance, above the advance warning threshold or outside the tolerance altogether. In addition, calibrating i ntervals can be defined and comprehensive logs created.

To provide additional safety, there is a vibration alarm and an acoustic warning, both of which indicate an overload.