09.12.2019 | Category : Company

STAHLWILLE at local level

We are committed to the region

We would like to help shape society in a positive way and, as a family-owned company that is loyal to its location, like to support local projects. The promotion and support of children and young people, in particular, is close to our hearts, which is why we want to introduce two great school projects in our direct neighbourhood to you today.


Cooperation with the Friedrich-Bayer secondary school

We have been cooperating with the Friedrich-Bayer secondary school in Wuppertal since 2008. School students here have the opportunity to take advantage of a cooperation arrangement with STAHLWILLE to give them a feeling for potential job offers at the company. We regularly offer factory tours and work experience programmes and build project workpieces, such as our solar-powered helicopters, in our training workshop together with the pupils of levels 8 and 9. These activities are conducted by STAHLWILLE instructors and accompanied by representatives from the school.

This year, we presented the Technik work group with a fully equipped workbench WB620 so that the pupils can also "work" in school, where they can now gain practical experience on site. Based on the philosophy of think, create, try – and discover the world of technology.


Tool for the Thorner Strasse primary school

At the Thorner Strasse primary school in Wuppertal, the practical classes are very important, because there are thematically and age-specific "boxes" with which the children discover various topics such as animals, the human body, magnetism, ecologically relevant topics such as environmental protection, renewable energy, etc. These boxes contain visual aids, self-made practice materials, books and, of course, copy templates.

In the 2nd grade, "tools" are discussed as a topic. What are the names of the individual tools, which materials can be processed with the tools and how should tools be handled correctly? The children learn all this at tool stations where various activities are carried out.

STAHLWILLE lokal - Werkzeug für die Grundschule Thorner Straße

In addition to specialist knowledge, this type of teaching promotes methodological skills such as investigation and experimentation. We are pleased that we can actively support such practical learning with our tools.