13.09.2016 | Category : Products


Safe. Fast. Smartcheck.

In offering this new tester for torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers, STAHLWILLE is launching a versatile, easy-to-handle tool that will find a home in any workshop and service vehicle. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the ability to mount it horizontally or vertically, and the revolving display, it can be used virtually anywhere – and is easy to use, too. SmartCheck quickly provides information on whether or not a torque wrench is still within the prescribed tolerances or whether it requires adjustment.


SmartCheck can be positioned almost anywhere. Whether horizontally or vertically – the well-thought-out fixing points, the compact construction and rotatable display make it easy to use.


Three operating modes (track, first peak, peak hold) and three measuring units (N·m, ft·lb, in·lb) can be selected. The target torque and tolerances can be individually set to evaluate the readings.

Intuitive Operation

The unit is easy to use and has operator guidance to aid fast working, reliable results coupled with high levels of safety.


The display deviation value of a mere ± 1% guarantees the greatest possible measuring dependability.


Ideal for use on the road if there are no power sockets available. Besides the usual operating mode using a mains adapter, this unit can be run on batteries (4 x AAA or 1 x 9 V block, adapter included).


The display and keypad are splash-proof, and the housing is made of impact-resistant plastic. Safe transport and storage is ensured by the sturdy transport box.

Ready for work

Thanks to the integrated transducer with a broad measuring range, work can start immediately.


SmartCheck can easily be adjusted to suit the user's angle of sight. Not on the display but also the display mount and base body can be rotated through 180°.


The integrated visual and audible overload protection mechanism ensures the durability customersexpect of STAHLWILLE.