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Risk of loss of preload force

Free webinar - 13.09.2022, 14:00 CEST

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Subject: Risk of loss of preload force – the effect of the fastener surface on the safety of the connection

Date: 13.09.2022

Time: 14:00 – 14:45 CEST

Location: STAHLWILLE Webinar (online)

Speaker: Chris Rose

Contents: In this webinar, we will use a test setup based on a flange connection with a sealing sleeve to check whether a non-lubricated fastener, a lubricated one, and a rusted or coated one can create the preload force required for a permanently secure connection while complying with the specified torque. Using real-time data, we will make it graphically clear to participants to what extent deviations occur. The webinar has particular practical relevance, as it gives users a deeper understanding of the physical relationships behind torque tightening and helps to avoid typical mistakes when using different fasteners. It also explains how the tightening angle method can actually help to ensure the required preload force in problematic bolted joints.

Technical requirements: We only use browser-based tools for our webinars. No software installations are required in advance. But you will need:

  1. A stable internet connection with at least a 6000 Mbps ADSL line.
  2. A current web browser (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Safari).
  3. A PC/laptop with sound (ideally headphones); a microphone is not essential. Questions can also be communicated via the chat function in MS Teams.

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