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Networked tools: industry 4.0 for all!

Are you networked yet?

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The options available for benefiting from this technology are manifold. As a well-connected provider, STAHLWILLE applies its DAPTIQ® technology to forging partner-like roles to the benefit of enterprises with highly specified but varied requirements and diverse positions along the value chain.

Requirements along the value chain


Which profile fits you best?


A sub-supplier for a large manufacturer that is already benefiting from Industry 4.0?

Your customers probably already expect you to apply the most stringent quality and safety standards to the items you supply and require you to be able to verify this. For many companies, it is not just compliance with specifications that is a challenge, logging operations is the real hurdle. The time needed is considerable and logging requirements can make it difficult to produce firm calculations and can even jeopardise your profit margin. Our networked tools not only ensure that every fastener is absolutely correctly tightened, they also support your workers and make sure, at the same time, that critical details are correctly logged. The benefit for you as a user is that you only pay on a usage basis. In this way, you reduce your overheads and can calculate accurately on the basis of cost per unit.


A manufacturer of complex products like motor vehicles, aeroplanes or trains?

Industry 4.0 is not a new phenomenon to you but has been part of everyday life for some time. You are a skilled data handler and your work routines are defined and repeatable to the last detail. Provided the standards are hit spot on every time. There are, however, cases where you have difficulty maintaining the series standards. These cases are special custom-made products or rework jobs. Wherever human intelligence is needed to perform special tasks, logging is an obstacle. Worker guidance is an important topic for processes that are always individual. It is precisely in such cases that our DAPTIQ® range provides valuable assistance.


A service partner providing after sales and maintenance services?

Irrespective of whether it is aeroplane maintenance or changing a tyre: you come onto the scene whenever it makes more sense for a company to commission an external partner rather than go back to the manufacturer. Workshops with close partner-like links to their clients, in particular, are expected to carry out all their processes exactly as the manufacturers specify or as they do it themselves. A serviced vehicle must be as good as if it had just come off the assembly line. Many manufacturers also require this of their partner contractors and like to analyse the data obtained with a view to improving their product. This is exactly where we come in and enable you to ensure that your processes are properly logged. This is also an advantage for independent garages and tyre dealers, who can generate added value for the end customer in this way, that, in many cases, can be easily calculated and effectively turned into hard cash.


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