21.02.2019 | Category : Press

Need to tighten a fastener? How to get it right.

STAHLWILLE at "Profibörse" journal

In the current issue of the "Profibörse" journal, there is an article about STAHLWILLE and torque technology. In the article, we explain why controlled fastener tightening is an indispensable requirement in an increasing number of fields – whether for DIY amateurs or international corporations.

The reason is that torquing fasteners properly makes quality and safety reproducible. In order to tighten a bolted connection with a precisely defined force, the tightening action must be carried out by means of torque and/or angle of rotation, i.e. with the aid of a special-purpose tool, such as a torque wrench.

The complete article can be read here (in German): Profibörse 01/2019 - Schrauben anziehen? Wenn, dann richtig!