12.11.2019 | Category : Products

Mini fine-tooth ratchets with slim steel handles

Ideal for working in confined spaces

Our mini fine-tooth ratchets with steel handles only nine centimetres long are the latest addition to the family of 80-tooth fine-tooth ratchets. Now adapted to take up minimum space, they allow access to fasteners where a thicker, longer handle would not have room to move.

The slim, space-saving design comes into its own where every millimetre counts. Use of these handy ratchets can be decisive when it is a question of whether panels and components have to be dismantled using clumsy, time-consuming methods or whether the fastener can be accessed directly and easily. Examples of typical applications can be found in servicing jobs on aircraft, cars and motorcycles, in many production processes and in repair work in the heating and sanitary sector.

There are two versions of our mini fine-tooth ratchets with the steel handle. The 1/4" 418QR mini fine-tooth ratchet has a QuickRelease safety lock that firmly locks insert and shell tools in place. They cannot inadvertently fall off inside inaccessible places. At the same time, this facilitates fast tool changes. Thanks to its screwless design, it is also predestined for use in safety-critical and FOD sensitive areas. The 1/4" 418B mini fine-tooth bit ratchet, which is otherwise identical, is intended for use with screwdriver bits.