13.09.2016 | Category : Press

MANOSKOP® 730 - for improved efficiency in the workshop

Wuppertal, 13.09.2016
At this year’s Automechanika, STAHLWILLE will be presenting a new mechanical torque wrench, the MANOSKOP® 730 Quick, which boasts a simplified operating concept designed for more speed in the workshop’s busy everyday to be even faster, more efficient and safer. This specialist hand tool and torquing tool manufacturer has optimised the operation and readability of the scale used by the worker to set the target torque. The ergonomic design of the handle has also been enhanced.

The new STAHLWILLE torque wrench is based on the company’s best-selling torque tool, the MANOSKOP® 730, and is the ideal all-round torque tool for workshops. With its versatile range of 6–650 N·m, MANOSKOP® 730 Quick covers many bolted joints typically encountered in servicing vehicles. The range of square drive inserts is just as impressive. There are three drive formats available for insert tools: 9 x 12 mm,14 x 18 mm and 22 x 28 mm.

Target torque set up quicker than ever

Compared with the MANOSKOP® 730, STAHLWILLE has optimised operation of the slider for setting the target torque, to name one of many improvements. The control on the MANOSKOP® 730 Quick now has a thumb slide, which speeds up setting the torque. Furthermore, the twin Vernier scale (N·m/ft·lb and N·m/in·lb) features additional markings, which prevent misreading caused by parallax if the worker has to read the scale at awkward angles, which might otherwise result in incorrect torque settings. The integrated magnifying glass is a further aid to accurate read-off. On top of this, STAHLWILLE has improved accessibility to the locking lever integrated in the end of the handle for unlocking the sliding scale.

New, more ergonomic handle

The second essential optimisation relates to the handle of the MANOSKOP® 730 Quick: it is made of resilient polypropylene carbonate (PPC) and is resistant to oil, grease, fuels and brake fluids. For the first time, the 360° convex handle has been fitted to this tool. Thanks to the much improved ergonomic design, it fits snugly in the hand and guarantees strain-free, comfortable working in all directions.

STAHLWILLE: a pace-setter in accuracy and safety

Besides these improvements, the MANOSKOP® 730 Quick incorporates all those advantages that end users have already come to appreciate from previous models, not only in the automotive sector: even if the target torque is very low, the wrench’s mechanical click is clearly detected. Added to this there are the legendary STAHLWILLE accuracy, user-friendliness, durability and safety: the tool is accurate to ±4%. Even the adjustment points are easily accessible from outside, no disassembly of the torque wrench required.

Last but not least, the wear-resistant STAHLWILLE flexible rod system does not require a highly susceptible spring. This means that, after working with the torque wrench, it is not necessary to reset it to 0, which is still a necessity with conventional systems after tightening a fastener, to release the pressure on the spring. The MANOSKOP® 730 Quick also has the QuickRelease system, specially developed by STAHLWILLE for securely locking the insert to the tool to prevent loss while allowing rapid tool change when required. This feature prevents time-consuming, hazardous loss of tools even when working in hard-to-reach places in an engine space.