14.11.2019 | Category : Company

GIFs, GIFs and more GIFs!

Now also available in the STAHLWILLE look

All work and no play... makes Jack a dull boy – but not with us – we believe in encouraging some laughter to punctuate the working day. Laughter has a digital aspect, too – with emojis, GIFs and stickers. So, as you can imagine, we sat down to create our own GIFs and stickers. Not only for us, of course, but also for our followers.

From now on, you, too, can use our GIFs and stickers for your communication through social networks and messengers. We have decided to use the Giphy and Tenor platforms so you can use our amusing GIFs and stickers in your Instagram stories, on Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Our mascot STAHLWILLI, who can reflect your current emotional state, is, of course, also there. Whether you're happy, smiling or grateful.

We have also created several GIFs with our tools. Among them our BANGGGG hammer, the talkative MANOSKOP 730 Quick torque wrench and our "... ROLLIN, ROLLIN, ROLLIN" tool trolley.

Have you got any other ideas for cool STAHLWILLE GIFs or stickers? We'd love to hear from you. Write us an email to socialmedia(at)stahlwille.de. We look forward to your creative ideas.

And now, we wish you lots of fun with our new GIFs!