04.12.2019 | Category : Tool Experts

Everything is running smoothly at Ganser Racing Bikes – with STAHLWILLE.

Meet the STAHLWILLE Tool Experts – Episode 4

The tranquil town of Stolberg is about 10 km away from the student and cycling metropolis of Aachen. As we open the door to Wilhelm-Pitz-Str. 11-13, we are also opening the door to the next episode of STAHLWILLE Tool Experts. We are here at Ganser Racing Bikes.

Amidst countless wheels, tyres, lamps, mudguards and items of clothing, we are welcomed by Markus Ganser, owner and founder of the 25-year-old company. Right from the start, we feel that cycling in all its forms is his passion.

"Cycling isn't just about pushing pedals, it's also about a love of technology, a love of detail." So it is hardly surprising that Markus Ganser founded a professional cycling team called "Athleticum" in 2001. From 2002 until 2005, the team became known as Team ComNet-Senges all over Germany, but also internationally. During this time the riders, management and mechanics managed by Ganser collected numerous titles and victories. In addition to district championship titles, the team was able to celebrate an NRW championship, a German championship title and even five world championship gold medals and two Olympic victories. In 2006 the team was renamed regiostrom-Senges. This was followed by an incredibly successful road-racing season which, by the end of August, confirmed the team, according to the world rankings, to be the third strongest professional German team behind Gerolsteiner and T-Mobile.

But now let's go back to the shop and through to the workshop. This is where we find four mechanics tightening fasteners, optimising and repairing more than 25 bicycles a day with their experience from professional cycling – using STAHLWILLE tools. It is important to the mechanics that they can rely on the tools – and that they generate measurable advantages in a busy day in the workshop. Björn Petter prefers to work with the STAHLWILLE MANOSKOP® 730 Quick 2 because it is handy, accurate and quick to adjust. This is no surprise when we consider the countless changes between higher torques on metal parts and extremely low ones on sensitive materials, such as carbon. But the hexagon socket screw keys, pliers, DRALL+ screwdrivers and the popular 415QR N fine-tooth ratchets also count among the favourites of the mechanics here.

Have a look for yourselves and see how everything revolves around high-tech and quality at Ganser Racing Bikes – in our new episode of STAHLWILLE Tool Experts.