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Aviation tool compilation 13217

Application-specific tool kits for all requirements

In combination with Tool Trolley 13217, STAHLWILLE is offering specially selected sets of tools for the aerospace industry to ensure efficient, fast, reliable MRO. Our High Performance Quality (HPQ®) tools are developed and manufactured in Germany. They combine the tightest manufacturing tolerances with the greatest possible force transmission and durability. Storing the tools in STAHLWILLE’s Tool Control System (TCS) also combines the highest levels of safety and efficiency with the reassuring feeling that none of the tools has been left in a place that could, at some point in the future, become a safety risk.

The STAHLWILLE 13217 Tool Trolley is one of the most mobile, well thought-out and safe solutions on the market – and absolutely suitable for on-board use. The trolley allows our specially tailored tool compilations for maintenance on aircraft and helicopters and for »aircraft on ground« operations to be transported quickly from A to B.


13214 WT/LR - Line Maintenance Set including the Tool Trolley

  • Maintenance solutions for specialists. Available in both metric and imperial (13214a WT/LR).
  • Specially compiled set of tools – for MRO on aeroplanes and helicopters
  • Extremely sturdy Tool Trolley for professional use
  • Including the Tool Control System (TCS)

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13221 WT/TS – AOG kit for aeroplanes including Tool Trolley

  • AOG kits. Available in both metric and imperial (13224a WT/TS).
  • Specially designed for aircraft-on-ground applications
  • Makes maintenance and repair jobs that much more efficient, faster and more dependable
  • Including the Tool Control System (TCS)

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