04.11.2022 | Category : Products

160 years of STAHLWILLE

Pioneering spirit since 1862

160 years of STAHLWILLE.
160 years of precision and quality.


STAHLWILL celebrates its 160th company anniversary this year! When Eduard Wille founded his company in 1862, he proved to have a knack for knowing what customers wanted and markets needed. Today, users all over the world trust in the precision and durability of our tools.

In honor of this special anniversary, we are offering a limited edition tool set as a thank you to all our dedicated users:

With the MANOSKOP® 730 Quick torque wrench, this set includes a tool like no other, one that is the epitome of quality, precision, and functionality that our products stand for. Rounding off the set is a 735/20 fine sprocket ratchet insert and the versatile ½” 512 ratchet.

Giving the torque wrench and the ratchet a unique finish is the 160th anniversary engraving designed exclusively for the set. In addition, each set includes an anniversary plaque with the individual limited edition number.

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