17.12.2019 | Category : Company

Diversity & inclusion day at STAHLWILLE

Insight into professional life

The Impulse (Anschub) network held a "Diversity & Inclusion Day" on 3 December 2019, together with the Bergisch Association of Skilled Professionals. Within the framework of this event, pupils from Wuppertal's special schools were given the opportunity to have a look at and get a taste of everyday working life at various companies.

This year we participated in the "Diversity & Inclusion Day" for the first time and were very pleased to be able to show pupils with special educational needs a range of career perspectives.

We started the day by welcoming the participants Marco, Kevin and Severjani in our training workshop. Then, the three 15-year-olds, for whom this was their first contact with the world of work, were accompanied by our apprentices to the workplaces that had been set up. After instruction by the trainers and with the support of our apprentices, the various work steps were successfully completed.

The day ended with an open feedback session where everyone enthusiastically reported on the practical format of the event. We would like to thank the Bergische Struktur- und Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft for the invitation and the opportunity to show the three participants some options for their future careers.

We hope to be involved again next time so we, too, can make a contribution to the further development of inclusive society. Self-determined work for self-determined people in a self-determined world!