Are you studying at a university or technical college and want to gather work experience during your studies, gain insights into the way a medium-sized company works and meet new contacts? Are you interested in innovative tool technology? In that case, STAHLWILLE can offer you a range of openings – even before you finish your studies. From work experience through to master dissertations.

We can offer you
  • Work experience

    Would you like to gather practical experience as you study and find out if a career at STAHLWILLE would be the right choice for you? Apply in good time for a work experience workplace. During this short-term period of working at STAHLWILLE you will be able to pick up valuable experience in many different sections of this medium-sized, innovative enterprise.


  • Student assistant activities

    Are you keen to make an early start on the career ladder, pursue a permanent part-time occupation while you continue your studies and, at the same time, gather experience in business life and make useful contacts? Are you interested in tools and engineering? Then you might like to take a serious look at working as a student assistant at STAHLWILLE.


  • Dissertations

    If you are in the process of writing your bachelor's or master's dissertation on a topic that might be of interest to STAHLWILLE, it is possible to apply for support for your final dissertation from STAHLWILLE. The preconditions are that the dissertation is related to the technological or commercial environment in which STAHLWILLE is active and the topic is felt by the team here to be advantageous. We look forward to your summary.


  • Manager for commercial vocational training

    STAHLWILLE Eduard Wille GmbH & Co. KG
    Gabriele Steuber
    Lindenallee 27
    42349 Wuppertal

    Phone: +49 202 47 91 383
    E-Mail: bewerbung(at)


  • Manager for technical vocational training

    STAHLWILLE Eduard Wille GmbH & Co. KG
    Peter Backhaus
    Lindenallee 27
    42349 Wuppertal

    Phone: +49 202 47 91 539
    E-Mail: bewerbung(at)


"STAHLWILLE's bicycle leasing programme has given me the e-bike I've always wanted. Since then, I use it nearly every morning to get to work. Brilliant."
"Pleasant colleagues – and a common objective of creating the best possible tools. That's what STAHLWILLE is for me."
"We may have a number of locations – but we're really one big family."
"It's nice when you can meet colleagues away from work at sports meetings and participate in the Wuppertal Schwebebahn marathon, for example."
"It doesn't matter how often I present our tool solutions to customers, as soon as I pick the tool up, I feel this fascination. "