The interconnected dimension of handtools.

STAHLWILLE’s DAPTIQ is leading the way: DAPTIQ products can not only communicate with other DAPTIQ products, they also communicate with the controlling and monitoring systems in their specified work environment.


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The new SWM website is now online

SWM Werkzeugfabrik, a member of the STAHLWILLE Group, has a new website. We have completely redesigned the SWM website so that interested parties and applicants can obtain information about our company and our products with just a few clicks – all in a modern, attractive and user-friendly design.

Tool Experts
Wrench Kings build dreams – with STAHLWILLE

"Very few of the bikes we get are brand-new," says Joost as he explains why their tools have to meet special requirements. Many of the gems they work on are older, the screws rusty and seized. They also have to work on their two-wheelers in the most awkward places – applying considerable force from difficult angles. It was clear to both early on...

Paris Air Show 2019

FIRMLY ESTABLISHED IN AVIATION. STAHLWILLE offers one of the broadest, best equipped ranges of tools for aviation in the entire market. In order to meet these high self-imposed quality demands, this tool and torque technology specialist develops and produces exclusively in Germany and on the basis of the standards applicable to the aerospace...

You'll find us on Instagram now!

We have expanded our social media activities and can now also be found at @stahlwilletoolexperts on Instagram. Through this account we post up-to-the-minute pictures and news, details of campaigns but also offer exciting insights into what inspires us. We are pleased to be able to take you on a trip through our STAHLWILLE world on our new channel....

MANOSKOP® 730 Quick sizes 2 and 4

MANOSKOP® 730 Quick is now also available with immediate effect for torque ranges 4–20 and 8–40 N·m, which rounds off the lower end of this comprehensive product family for smaller torque ranges. Users benefit now, in the same way as the users of the larger family members, from much improved readability and quick setting. This is supplemented by a...

Need to tighten a fastener? How to get it right.

In the current issue of the "Profibörse" journal, there is an article about STAHLWILLE and torque technology. In the article, we explain why controlled fastener tightening is an indispensable requirement in an increasing number of fields – whether for DIY amateurs or international corporations. The reason is that torquing fasteners properly makes...

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„You don't know what precision feels like until you've held STAHLWILLE tools in your hand.“
„I know STAHLWILLE tools are more expensive. But that accuracy, the ergonomic design and improved efficiency make it worthwhile.“
„When it comes to torquing, I need peak performance. I can rely on STAHLWILLE to give me that.“
„We've had to replace our tools far less often since we've been using STAHLWILLE. Quality pays for itself.“