Success Story- FastRatch 240

STAHLWILLE Success Story FastRatch 240


Until then, these workshop professionals had to resort to open-ring spanners in tight working spaces or when working with union nuts – with the associated risk of the tool slipping, especially where the fasteners were baked solid. Thanks to FastRatch, that is a thing of the past. Even where space is at a premium and on union nuts, FastRatch can be used like ring spanners with a ratchet. They enable high torques to be applied without the fear of slipping or damaging the screwhead.


Peak quality for confined spaces

Feinzahnknarre mit Stahlgriff


Tangible advantages for better efficiency, safety and freedom of motion – now with 80 teeth. The new STAHLWILLE fine-tooth ratchets with their innovative mechanical systems are now available for the first time with a slim steel handle – providing even better freedom of motion in tight spaces. In common with their cousins with 2-component handles, they require a ratchet angle of only 4.5° and really come into their own where maintenance work has to be carried out in confined spaces, like when working on turbines on an aeroplane. And they are uncompromisingly FOD compliant. By the way: the new fine-tooth technology is now also available for bit ratchets with steel handles.


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